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About me.......

There is a certain mystery about me....so i am told repeatably.  Its in the eyes.  There is truth to that

All great photographers are creative and see the world slightly different than the rest of us, but myself I am completely unique. What makes me so different.......eccentric, funny, silly, serious, commanding and quiet.  Yes all that 

I'm creative and fun, but mostly my  talent as your photographer captures a cherished moment in a unique and treasured ways

All my  life, i have been capturing unique moments, in a memorable way, but has been doing so professionally for many years. My  strong family bonds with my  sons give me empathy that shines through into who I am and In work.

 But now it is your turn. You are about to be the next subject to benefit from my amazing work.

Brace yourself - you are in for a treat.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty as a woman is reflected in her SOUL.

- Audrey Hepburn